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Branding design and original photography for conceptual Netflix series "The Last Train"

Prototype design for an easy to navigate simple retail shopping app. Vibrant urban style integrated into a frequently updated experience 

Branding and production design for on-demand children's channel Kabillion and Kabillion Girls Rule. Applying a fun youth style to highlight the network's wide array for licensed properties

Packaging and Branding design for food company Pretty Baked. Fusing easy to apply concept with a nostalgic colorful design makes this brownie product a can't miss.

Packaging and Branding design for craft beer company Hand Brewed Beer. From product labels to social media assets; H.B.B. design captures both the company's cheeky humor and elbow-grease charm.

Brochure design for Mary Reed Kelley art exhibit at the Hammer Museum.

J Note

"I Am J Note"


Album cover &

general branding

Branding and production design for YouTube series "Donut Shop"